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DalWhinnie Fields

In a world of medieval fighting enthusiasts, one group has stepped to the fore front to create the ultimate medieval site built by the ultimate medieval enthusiasts.  Winter War is proud to present DalWhinnie Fields. From the functional siege wall to the Tudor style great hall, from the arena grand stands to the scenic lake, DalWhinnie Fields provides a one of a kind event site sprawling over 130 acres.  The heated restrooms and tiled shower stalls provide the comforts needed while the rural setting provides the much sought after immersion the modern foam fighter longs for.  Come and witness, come and be a part of the spectacle of Winter War at DalWhinnie Fields.


Located in Selma, Alabama, DalWhinnie Fields currently hosts medieval themed events, LARPs , and weddings.

The site features the following:

  • large fighting field

  • scenic lake

  • fighting arena with grand stands

  • great hall for dining

  • camping grounds

  • bathrooms and showers

  • check the photos!!

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