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Scenario One

Battle of the Hidden Temple - Friday

Four teams will attempt to activate and deliver their own relic in the center of a temple, hidden in a grove of tall bamboo.

Scenario Goals:
1. Four teams, each with their own specific relic.
2. Each team must carry their own relic through two specific activation gates, the first gate is an entry to the outer sanctum and the second gate is the entry to the Inner Sanctum.
3. Once a team has activated their relic, they must place it into the Pit of Death located in the center of the Inner Sanctum. This will earn them one capture point.

Terrain/Relic Rules:
1. Relics are heavy, must be carried with an open hand (this includes strap shields), and cannot be touched/moved by an enemy
2. Progress towards activating the relic is lost when it is dropped, but it may be passed between fighters if BOTH fighters are alive when passed.
3. Capturing an activated Relic “cleanses” the Inner Sanctum, killing everyone inside.
4. Bamboo is MELEE STAB ONLY, this means no projectiles can be fired through it and any that make it in will not be counted as a hit.

Scenario Two

Castle Seige - Friday

Two teams, attack/defense battle with a swap after the first run.

Scenario Goals:
1. Attacking Team – capture and hold the point inside the castle walls for a consecutive 10 seconds.
2. Attacking Team – there are two siege ladders, both take 15 non-consecutive seconds to capture and are permanent once that is done. Both are only wide enough for one person and can only be travelled one direction (into the castle).
3. Defending Teams – do not allow your castle to be captured

Terrain/Castle Rules:
1. Archers may only fire over the walls from the designated archer towers.
2. The siege ladders are too tall for any attacks from/to the water under them.
3. Only archers can attack people on the siege ladders.


Scenario Three

KittiPop’s Bridge of Death - Friday

Two teams, simultaneous payload push. Deliver the bomb to your enemies stronghold to win.

Scenario Goals:
1. Two person team required to push the payload, which is heavy and must be carried with an open hand (this includes strap shields).
2. Neither team is allowed to touch the other teams payload.

Terrain Rules:
1. The strongholds on either side of the river are contained by hard walls.
2. The bridge has a hard boundary down the center that cannot be crossed for any reason, doing so will result in your death.
3. The sides of the bridge are open and may be attacked to/from the water of the river.

Scenario Four

Three Corners - Saturday

Three teams, each has a base with three cones of a team-specific color.

Scenario Goals:
1. Each team will attempt to have one cone of each color in their base to win.

Terrain Rules:
1. None, it’s super simple and easy, right?


Scenario Five

Burn the General’s Tent - Saturday

Two teams, each with a special unit of fighters that will act as their “torch-bearers”, will attempt to set fire to the opposing teams camp.

Scenario Goals:
1. Teams of 4 on both teams will be selected as “torch-bearers”.
2. ONLY torch-bearers may touch the torches.
3. ONLY torch-bearers can cross the opposing team’s territory line.

Terrain/Torch Rules:
1. If a torch hits the ground, it goes out and must be brought back to be re-lit.
2. Torch-bearers may only carry torches from their own side.
3. Torches cannot be carried through the water.

Scenario Six

T3c#kz0w3 !¡! Gauntlet - Saturday

Two teams, attack/defense battle with a swap after the first run.

Scenario Goals:
1. Attacking team – survive the gauntlet while attempting to deliver your bomb through the gates
2. Defending team – do not allow your defenses to be broken

Terrain Rules:
1. Survive, or at least try to.

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