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Tournament Details

Tournament sign-ups will be at 5pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Those that do not sign-up prior to the tournament will not be able to participate.  Below are descriptions of each tournament available.


Players that have been fighting less than a year.


Requires 2 participants with open weapon set.  Kiss to enter and kiss to leave.


Good ol' fashion rock fight.

Pick Your Poison

All weapon sets allowed, but start with 1 dead limb of your choosing.


Stabbing weapons only, no armor allowed.


2 one-handed blue, no armor allowed.

Red - 66" and Over

Only Red weapons measuring 66" and over allowed, no armor.

4 Horsemen

Teams of 4 people.  All weapon sets and armor is allowed.  ** Winners from the 4 Horsemen tournament will not qualify for the Winter Wargod Tournament.

Single Blue

Single (1) blue weapon, no armor allowed.

Red - Under 66"

Only Red weapons measuring under 66" allowed, no armor.

Blue and Board

One (1) blue weapon and shield. No armor allowed.

7 Man

4 horsemen plus 3.  ** Winners from the 7 Man will not qualify for the Winter Wargod Tournament.

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